In the world of endurance cycling, comfort is king. Cyclists who spend hours in the saddle need bikes that can absorb the bumps and vibrations of the road, reducing fatigue and allowing them to push the limit. The new ITACA bike from MCipollini and DMT Cycling is a game-changer in this regard, thanks to the integration of Bcomp’s innovative technology in the bike’s seatpost.

Bcomp’s ampliTex™ is a sustainable and high-tech alternative to traditional synthetic textiles. Made from precisely woven flax fibres, it is used to create composite parts with excellent performance metrics while also being far more sustainable. The ITACA bike embodies this ethos of performance and sustainability, combining the comfort-enhancing properties of natural fibres with a commitment to the responsible practices expected by modern riders.

Not only do the inherent properties of flax contribute to the seatpost’s environmental sustainability but they also provide superior vibration dampening. By incorporating ampliTex™ into the seatpost lamination, the ITACA bike achieves a 19.2% reduction in vibrations. This substantial reduction minimises the transmission of road-borne impacts and vibrations to the rider, reducing fatigue over long distances and providing greater comfort, even on rough roads.

Flax, also known as linen in the textile industry, is an incredibly versatile plant that has been used for centuries. Bcomp used European flax fibre to develop an innovative and durable technical fabric, ampliTex™. In many applications, ampliTex™ offers up to 85% reduction in production CO2 emissions versus conventional synthetic composite materials.

The ITACA bike also features a number of other design elements that contribute to its comfort and performance. Its True Carbon Monocoque (TCM) frame technology ensures a strong, lightweight structure, while its endurance geometry provides enhanced stability and comfort. The bike supports tyre widths up to 40mm and includes practical features such as direct-mount disc brakes and an integrated storage compartment, making it versatile for various riding conditions.

Patrick Vuagnat, Manager Sports & Leisure at Bcomp, commented: “We are proud to be collaborating with innovative and renowned brands such as MCipollini and DMT Cycling on the ITACA bike. This is an exciting development in cycling that that leverages state-of-the-art sustainable composite technology to deliver real-world benefits. It showcases the exceptional damping properties of ampliTex™-based composites, bringing increased comfort to a high-performance bike for a unique feel on every ride.”

Daniele Cogotzi, Designer at MCipollini, commented: We’re happy to have achieved our goals of comfort, without compromising stiffness and speed, in a greener way. That’s our first time in the field of bio-composites, but we hope to broaden the use of these innovative and more sustainable materials in future projects. We want to thank Bcomp for supporting us in the development of this crucial component in a bicycle oriented to versatility and performance like ITACA.”

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