Bcomp natural fibre at Polestar Event Zurich Switzerland

Thermoplastic Natural Fibre Prepregs for Large-Scale Applications

ampliTex™-PP can replace petrol-based materials, such as IMPP or traditional cover materials that are often found in large-scale applications. It is compatible with standard production methods and, as a readily available drop-in solution, can simply be used in a traditional injection moulding tool to create a high-end part with a supreme visual quality directly from a one-step-process. When used for compression moulding in combination with NFPP, ampliTex™ has significant weight reduction capabilities vs. standard IMPP parts while providing a one-step production process that yields a high-end surface straight out of the tool.

ampliTex-PP aesthetic

Sustainable design

With a variety of weave and colour options, ampliTex™-PP is guaranteed to fulfil your wishes for sustainable design options. And with the possibility to completely customise and tailor our beautiful natural fibre composites to customer needs, your imagination is the only limit between you and the future of sustainable design.

ampliTex™-PP Product Range

ampliTex™ 5008 PP

ampliTex™-PP 350, bi-axial +/-45°

ampliTex 5040 PP, natural

ampliTex™-PP 300, twill 2/2

ampliTex 5540-4 PP, charcoal

ampliTex™-PP 245, twill 2/2, charcoal

ampliTex 5540-5 PP, 423 C

ampliTex™-PP 245, twill 2/2, grey 423C

Related Manufacturing Processes

We have collaborated closely with industry leaders from different markets to help them work with our natural fibre composite solutions in the best possible way and optimise our products for the most efficient and widely used production processes.

Seatback with Bcomp powerRibs natural fibre at Bcomp Polestar Event Zurich Switzerland
Volvo EX30 ampliTex interior

Flax fibre quality

The flax fibre quality, yarn thickness and twist are all highly engineered for optimal mechanical properties in the final composite part. Our ampliTex™-PP thermoplastic prepregs come pre-impregnated with polypropylene which makes them a ready-to-use thermoplastic material. We use European flax and the fibremix is thoroughly controlled for consistent quality over time.

Rolls of Flax at the Bcomp production facility in Fribourg

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