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Natural Fibre Reinforcement Grid for Large-Scale Lightweighting

powerRibs™-PP draw inspiration from the supporting 3D structure of leaf veins. They represent a groundbreaking patented composite technology that delivers an unmatched stiffness-to-weight ratio while using minimal base material. They can be used to reinforce almost any thermoplastic composite shell structure made in a compression moulding process.

powerRibs-PP and ampliTex-PP mood picture

Sustainable lightweighting

Designing parts to be manufactured with a combination of ampliTex™-PP, NFPP and powerRibs™-PP as an additional reinforcement, allows you to make the most of Bcomp’s sustainable lightweighting solutions. Replacing conventional IMPP components with our large-scale natural fibre technologies allows for up to 50% weight reduction, up to 70% less plastic use in the component and up to 60% lower CO2 emissions from cradle to gate.

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Related Manufacturing Processes

We have collaborated closely with industry leaders from different markets to help them work with our natural fibre composite solutions in the best possible way and optimise our products for the most efficient and widely used production processes.

Seatback with Bcomp powerRibs natural fibre at Bcomp Polestar Event Zurich Switzerland

Flax fibre quality

The flax fibre quality, yarn thickness and twist are all highly engineered for optimal mechanical properties in the final composite part. Our powerRibs™-PP thermoplastic reinforcement grid comes pre-impregnated with polypropylene which makes it a ready-to-use thermoplastic material. We use European flax and the fibremix is thoroughly controlled for consistent quality over time.

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